The Velvet Dungeon – Sophia Fox Entrancement 5 – Slutty Sophia Set Free

Stunning Sophia is welcomed back to the Dungeon. She has been an ongoing mind control project of mine and things are really starting to get interesting.

Thanks to my programming in earlier sessions she is complaining about more blackouts and out of control sexual behavior. And she keeps encountering the choker I gave her (the one that transforms her into a slutty sex-crazed exhibitionist).

I ask her to put it on and the moment she does you can see Sophia Fox, her slutty alter ego, emerge. She has been controlling Sophia subconsciously and has been having a great time doing it. She is very willing to be put under.

I use entrancement to make her slutty ego even more powerful. If all goes as planned soon she won’t need the collar at all to take over. All she has to do is something really slutty.

I wake her up and have her take the collar off, bringing back the old Sophia. However as she is talking you can see her slutty subconscious controlling her making her do things she doesn’t even realize. She starts taking clothes off and caressing herself and even though she tries to fight it she starts to get really turned on.

Soon she is completely naked and suddenly she asks me to stand closer. The next thing I know she’s unzipping my pants and has my dick in her mouth!

My experiment with Sophia’s transformation is almost complete.

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