Three young Women all arrive in Stepford at the same time. Azura, Brittany & Mercedes are all new to town….and all have been sent by their husbands to the Stepford Welcome Center….otherwise known as the Stepford “Training Facility”. Azura vists the Center first. She and her husband have moved here in search of new horizons, and wanting to start a Family. She is then “Indoctrinated” by the Headmaster of the Training Facility…and falls under the “Stepford Spell”. Azura is made to strip out of her clothes…and she is now ready for Training. Shortly thereafter, Mercedes enters the “Welcome” Center and is greeted by the Headmaster. Mercedes too succumbs to the power of the Stop Watch and falls under the Stepford spell. The third young woman, Brittany, however pus up a fight!! While being interviewed by the Headmaster, Brittany is introduced to Azura and Mercedes….who have already been Indoctrinated….and Brittany senses there is something “odd” or “weird” about the behaviour of the other girls….so Brittany initially refuses to participate in the welcoming ceremony, which involves watching the Headmaster’s powerful Stop Watch. When Brittany refuses to watch…..Azura proclaims “you MUST watch the watch….” Mercedes then graps Brittany’s head….and forces Brittany to “watch the watch”. With both Indoctrinated girls holding her…Brittany eventually succumbs. “You are now one of us” Mercedes says. The threerecruits are now ready to go through Training and Brainwashing together as a group. On day one of their Training, the girls are taught o display their breasts for the enjoyment and pleasure of the husbnads of Stepford…and each girl must oil up their Tits and pose for the Headmaster. On day two of Training, the girls are told that physical fitness is very important, and that they must keep their young bodies in tip-top shape for the men…so they are instructed to do naked yoga under the watchful eye of the Headmaster. The girls do a series of yoga poses….being forced to present their bums for penetration. On day three of Training, the girls must please them selves as a Group…being told that the men will sometimes require the women to amuse the men by masturbating for them. The three Trainees masturbate as a group…culminating in a Group “Robogasm”. On their final day of Training, the young women are taught that their feet are very important to their sexuality…that their feet are sex object…to be enjoyed by all the men….and the girls must pose in provocative foot position….and they must take a group vow that they will maintain their feet at all times…keep them well manicured…and ready to be cummed on by the husbands. Their Training is now complete!! Azura, Brittany & Mercedes have transformed from ambitious young women…into fully trained Cum Slut Whore Sexbots

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