Another brand new subject is here. I welcome sexy Karmella for her first session. A friend told her to come here but she is skeptical of hypnosis.

However it doesn’t take me long to have her in a trance. I get her to remove her dress for me without her realizing she did it. When I bring her out of the trance she is surprised to see she is naked.

I then hypnotize her to be unable to pick up her dress. She tries to lift it to put it on but it’s too heavy for her.

Next I give her a suggestion that she will laugh uncontrollably whenever she touches her dress. No matter how hard she tries she still can’t put it on.

After that I let her put the dress on, but now it feels so itchy, she can’t wear it for very long.

I deepen her trance, then make her unable to remember her own name. She is completely blank on it until I snap my fingers.

Now to make things even more interesting I tell her her nipples will start to become aroused and sensitive. So sensitive she has to remove her bra. Then the same thing will happen to her clitoris. It will become so sensitive rubbing against her panties will be too intense for her.

Soon she is completely naked. I intensify her sensation even further, then let her touch herself. She comes almost instantly.

I let her dress then put her in a final trance and give her amnesia about the session. She only remembers being relaxed and spacing out. And she’s eager to return again.




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  • Christian Fabrocino 3 years ago

    Hey bro, thanks for your hard work on the website, if I ask for some “the velvet dungeon” and “primal fetish” videos is possoble for you to upload them ?
    Do you buy them or have you got any other source?

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      sorry mate , currently we won’t accept any requests, considering requests take a lot of time, for now we don’t have any

  • Jaslo 3 years ago

    Hey, I have a Problem that none of the Vidlox Videos want to load for me (and for the older post the openload links seem to be down so Vidlox is the only choice for some of them), just endless loading and nothing happens. Do you know by chance how to fix this?

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      Hey, you should disable your ads block or you should change your browser (i recommend you UCbrowser) if issue is persisting i can’t help anymore