This is a great session, an hour of non stop sexy action.

If you remember Ally’s last series, “Orgasm Slave Addiction”, I programmed her to have an uncontrollable addiction to a gold chain. She would feel tremendous pleasure when wearing it, but would also find herself unable to resist acting out any command I gave her.

In this session I offer to deprogram her. I use an extended process putting Ally through a series of sexy exercises. To free herself she willing gives herself one orgasm after another, using her fingers, a dildo and a very powerful vibrator. Each orgasm she has gives me deeper access to her mind. I free her from the slave collar. Or so she thinks.

She doesn’t realize that what I’ve really done is transform her into a horny sex kitten. When she puts on the collar she becomes a sex-obsessed exhibitionist craving orgasms. When she takes it off, she has no memory of anything that happened she thinks she was only wearing it for a moment.

This is the longest and most intense clip I have ever released, you don’t want to miss it.

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