Torvea Films – Babysitter Training – Sara Liz

Sara Liz is talking to her friend on the phone while babysitting when you come in looking to play with your new mind control game you learned in the cereal box. You have her follow your pendant with her eyes and they become very heavy as she falls to sleep.

Time for the programming and when you snap your fingers, she will wake up and she says that she will call you Master. With a glazed expression she follows the simple directions of touching her nose and apologizes for being mean. From now on she will play games with you whenever you want.

Now that you have gotten what you wanted, maybe it is time to have some more fun before bringing her out of the trance. You order her to take off her dress and do jumping jacks. This pretty girl always gets her way and she needs to be humiliated. Time for her to act like a chicken!

This is way too easy! She should ski…but only with one leg. Sara would make a good chimp and crawl around. Time to snap her out of the game but not let her realize that she is not wearing her dress. With a snap, she goes right back under. Time to be a giraffe eating leaves from a tree. Uh oh, she comes out of the trance, but a snap puts her right back under. She makes a cute cat crawling on the floor. Alternating snaps, you bring her in and out of reality and it is so fun to see her confused look.

After a final command for her to behave in the real world, she is all sweetness and treats you very well.

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