In this fun and expertly-performed KO custom, Lucky O’Shea plays a gal who finds Saya Savage online…the two of them having expressed “special interests” in the world of shimmery pantyhose, leotards, and KOs!We start with both ladies in Lucky’s bedroom. They remove their robes and admire each other’s attire before deciding to challenge each other to a KOs battle on the bed! The two start with a test of strength, but Saya turns it into a sudden body scissors. This turns into a neck scissors that sends Lucky into a slow and eyerolling KO! The girls go back and forth, taking turns waking up and attacking her foe. Saya nails some amazing KOs, including a face kick, a tongue-dangling temple drill, a chop to Lucky’s neck, a blackjack blow, and a rope chokeout. Lucky gets hers in too, nailing a sleeper hold KO, a blackjack blow to the skull, a sleepy spray double KO, and a chloroform attack that leaves Saya comedically woozy and eventually out cold on the bed.In between these naps, the ladies take turns touching each others attire, running their hands over cotton and nylon, and enjoying the feel of their favorite gear!
A final three part game leads to some awesome double KOs, including a double tranq dart KO, tons of eyerolling, a
chloroform “kiss” double KO, and a final game that involves the ladies covering their soles in chloroform and putting each other with an extended double foot smother!This one’s the best yet, guys!




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