In this amazing OUTDOOR POV sentry destruction clip, the beautiful Bambi Buttons plays a hapless set of clones…all targeted for “elimination”: a job YOU must accomplish as you sneak from clone to clone, taking them all down and out until a final confrontation (in a hot tub, no less) leads to a SHOCKING finale!


multiple face punch KOs
tongue protrusion
limb checks
two neck pinch KOs
butt in the air KO pose
multiple camera angles
single handed chokeout KO
TWIN CLONE shootout! TWO Bambi’s KO’ed at once with tranquilizers!
multiple tranquilizer KOs
post-KO tranq shots
KO syringe attack
sleepy gas KO
chloroform attack KO
babbling, sleepy talk
tazer attack
tazer KO
post KO twitching
blackjack to the head KO (Jacuzzi)
final tazer-in-the-water shock KO!




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