Based off a very detailed custom script, Sumiko plays the magician’s assistant and before she goes to work, she wants to try to practice a hypnosis trick for her show, but in turn accidentally hypnotizes herself. Jacquelyn snaps out of it and seizes the opportunity to test this hypno hocus pocus and have fun with Sumiko. Much to Jacquelyn’s disbelief, Sumiko repeats all of the commands she is given. Sumiko completely obeys the commands, and becomes a living doll which Jacquelyn enjoys posing in various positions. Jacquelyn then commands her to go to sleep repeatedly, including freezing and unfreezing her at different intervals during Sumiko’s fall to the bed. She continues the torment Sumiko by slowly starting to remove articles of clothing, starting with her gloves. And then gets the brilliant idea to command her to wake up but still has control of freezing Sumiko in her state of confusion and manipulates her further.

After she’s humiliated poor Sumiko as much she could, Jacquelyn leaves her to sleep off her spell hoping she’ll wake up soon and not knowing what has occurred. And just as Jacquelyn suspected, Sumiko has no recollection of the events. But, Sumiko still needs to practice hypnotizing someone before her show. Jacquelyn doesn’t want any part in these mindless games, and refuses the offer, but no matter: when Sumiko breaks out a hypnotic glove and sends Jacquelyn into a deep trance. Sumiko returns the favor by commanding her to undress, while she freezes her in the process. Sumiko gives her the same treatment of turning her into her poseable doll, then snapping her back in and out of her hypnosis spell only to freeze her in awkward moments that leave Jacquelyn completely vulnerable.

However, it all turns chaotic when Jacquelyn wakes up and commands Sumiko to go to sleep. In a hypnotic haze, she commands Sumiko to wake up, and an angry Sumiko commands Jacquelyn to obey, and she quickly realizes she needs to command the hypnotized Jacquelyn to command her to remove all of the suggestions she’s implanted into her brain. In the end it’s Sumiko that holds true power over her room mate, using it to force Jacquelyn to accompany her in that night’s outing.

This movie contains hypnosis KOs, hand smother KOs, freeze/unfreeze commands, sleep command KOs, freeze and sleep combination commands, posing, eye check

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