We fade in on magician Sumiko walking into her home with her assistant (played by Miss Velvets), who is still hypnotized from the last installment of this series! Miss Velvets starts to break out of her spell, however, but Sumiko re-hypnotizes her with ease. Inspired by her re-inforced control over Jacquelyn, Sumiko decides to have some fun, using her powers to repeatedly freeze, KO, strip, and humiliate her poor assistant…even going so far as to create a new trigger word that causes Miss Velvets to turn into a real life Barbie Doll!

Eventually Sumiko tires of her games and lays down to take a nap, leaving a frozen and KO’ed Jacquelyn to slowly come to and ease back out of Sumiko’s spell! Infuriated, Miss Velvets steals Sumiko’s hypno-pendant and uses it on her, getting some much needed vengeance by putting her
through the same freezes, KOs, clothing removal, and humiliation that Sumiko so happily dispensed earlier in the evening! It’s when Miss Velvets tries to command Sumiko to release her from her spell, however, that the tables turn…leading to a twist ending that reveals a fail-safe Sumiko implanted into Miss Velvets’ consciousness! Jacquelyn slowly reverts to her “slave” state, releasing Sumiko from her control.

The relieved magician decides to start prepping for her next show, putting her clothes back on and grabbing her trusty pendant. The same pendant that hypnotized Jacquelyn. The same pendant that now waves in front of Sumiko’s eyes for a few seconds longer than usual. Sumiko gasps but it’s too late! The pendant puts her under a deep state of hypnosis, and we fade out on both an evil magician and her enslaved “assistant”, trapped for what could be a lifetime!!!

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  • Mr. Hypno 3 years ago

    I enjoyed this 2 part series, Jacquelyn is a fine actress/model but for people who want to see more of miss velvets figure, I recommend Robot Takeover which is also on this site but unfortunately its unplayable right now. Maybe Fetishman will re-upload this fantastic video for the rest of us to watch.

    Keep up the good work.