XXXMultimedia – Nikki Brooks – The Robot Companion

Aiden is a lonely scientist who has developed his own loyal companion. Throughout the years, the scientist began to develop feelings for the artificial intelligence beyond his control.

Being committed to the relationship with the fembot, he treats her like a girlfriend, and has come back from celebrating their anniversary. Because Nikkibot is designed to be a companion rather than an actual girlfriend, her design isn’t ideal for him.

Desperate to give her sexual affection, the scientist gifts her a chip that will allow her to display that type of intimacy. He tells her to lie down on the table, which she is happy to do for him, and then strips her down.

Before installing the new chip, he powers her down, and her eyes close. After examining her, he decides to place the chip inside of her. He powers her back on, and her eyes shoot open, “Boot-ing new firm-ware. In-italiz-ing comp-lete. Down-load com-plete,” the fembot says, raising herself up. She begins downloading all of the new simple functions from the chip, and then stands in front of her master. “Say a comm-and.”

Satisfied and ready to try out all of his companion’s functions, the scientist lies in bed. He calls for his fembot, and when he sees her, is stunned by her new appearance. “What would you like me to do, Mas-ter?” she asks him.

After commanding a striptease, the scientist is eager to test out Nikkibot’s freshly installed sex program. He commands her to get on her hands and knees, and Nikkibot does so obediently, “Read-y for in-sert-ion.”

After fucking her for a few minutes, he has her masturbate. However, in the middle of the command, Nikkibot glitches, “Shut-ting down.” Confused, the scientist powers her back on, and she begins rebooting.

He, once again, commands her to masturbate, where she continues to glitch for a few seconds, “Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-stur-bate.” Eager to finish himself off, he commands Nikkibot to fuck him missionary. As he fucks her, she moans robotically, and her core temperature begins rising.

“Core tem-per-ature at danger-ous lev-el,” the fembot warns him. “Please shut down. Allow for auto cool-ing.” The scientist continues to fuck her, ignoring her warnings.

“Cli-max init-i-ated,” the fembot says as she begins moaning louder. Once she’s reached maximum heating levels, Nikkibot begins malfunctioning. Her body twitches, her head moves violently from side to side, her speech repeats and stutters, and she freezes into place.

Her functions begin messing up, “Would you like sug-ar with that, Mas-ter?” She giggles, “Does this please, Mas-ter? Doe-doe-doe-doe-” She self shuts down, and the scientist, now stressed, knows he has to reinstall her chip.

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