Professor Kaos is a master of tech and not even sexy White Star’s seductress capabilities are a match for it. He uses a mind control remote to make her strip. His british curl in his voice effortlessly convinces her that she’s not here to capture him, but to pleasure him. He commands her to spread her legs, and remove her panties. He takes pleasure in seeing her rub her breasts at his command and then further, her own cunt. As she rubs her taught little pussy he makes her take a seat in his study, she spreads her legs and continues to pleasure her own hole and clit. Doctor Kaos presses his fingers into her, her wetness seeping out of her, coating his fingers. The virus he was uploading when she intruded has finished it’s upload, and with nothing more for her to do, he commands her to cum on his fingers. He convinces her that his cock is the source of her power as she begins to suck him like it is the truth. She takes the head of his monster meat to the back of her throat as he gently eggs her on. Sitting down, she straddles him backwards and rides him as he convinces her that without his cock inside her she would lose all of her strength. She cums on his dick and gets on all fours to suck of her own juices. Putting White star on the chair he makes her get his cock wet before thrusting it into her. He slides it in and out of her tight hole knowing that citron is certain. He pulls her into him, her hips rocking as her pussy coats him with cum. He holds the soles of her leather boots as he comes closer to releasing his goo inside her, then lets it go, forcing in complete victory as her tiny moans escape her mouth. His plan has worked perfectly.

White Star under mind-control gets told to strip then is finger-fucked. She then follows the commands to give the Professor a blowjob. She fucks him reverse cowboy, doggy-style, and missionary. Finally there is an unseen creampie.

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