Corys Super Heroine Adventures – Attack Of The Vampire feat. Ashley Adams

Ashley and her team of vampire hunters call out the vampire queen to leave her lair and fight. She laughs and agrees to the ultimate showdown. While they go to Cory’s lair to hunt her, she will secretly hunt Ashley’s husband. “He will not be able to resist me” She says smoothly as she puts on her sexy lingerie.

He’s at the gym when the vampire queen appears. “Oh my god” Is all he can mutter before she attacks. With a bite to his neck he’s on his knees and powerless. Frozen in her grip she strips him and puts him under her heel. She taunts him and teases him, putting her pussy on his helpless face and making him worship one that he hates. “You’re wife can’t help you now” The vampire queen yells and begins to stroke and suck on his cock until he cums and she ends his pathetic existence.

“My husband!” Ashley yells in agony. Clouded in anger and vengeance she agrees to a final fight with the vampire queen. A potion is shared between them, with every orgasm they will become weaker until the orgasms finish this once and for all.

They attack each other, fast hard fingers probing each others pussies. They try to make one another cum as fast as they can, looking with hatred in their eyes. But it’s the mortal Ashley who’s body gives out first. Soon she’s a cumming puddle of a woman, drenching from the vampire’s every touch. She becomes weaker and weaker as her face turns pale and her body shakes with orgasm after orgasm and the vampire feasts on her cum.

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