Dakota Burns – Step Brother Controls Step Sister with Magic Remote

One of my favorite magic control clips! There’s much more to the clip than I was able to type and include in the preview. Nicky couldn’t wait to try out his new contraption on his younger step – sister, Dakota. “What’s it do? Make you smarter?” she said sarcastically. He explained that this particular device made him “more in control ” and that with the press of a button, he could make her do anything he wanted. Of course she didn’t believe him, so he asked if she’d be willing to give it a try. “Care to roll the dice?” he smiled mischievously. “What command should I give you? It has to be something you wouldn’t do.” She suggested that he make her slap herself in the face. When he gave her the command and pushed the button, she smacked herself. He burst out into laughter as she sat there dumbfounded with her jaw dropped. He thought it was so hilarious, in fact, that he made her do it again, and then had her slap the other side as well. “Where did you get that?” she snapped, her arms crossed in anger. “I hate you!” “I think you need to have a disposition,” Nicky said, then commanded it and pressed a button on the remote. Her arms relaxed and an unwanted smile ran across her face. “There we go – isn’t that better?” he asked. He then commanded for her to bark like a puppy, and she covered her mouth in embarrassment as she uncontrollably blurted out sounds. Unfortunately, things were only about to get worse for her. He’d make her get up and do a silly dance before commanding disturbing, immoral, sexual tasks. “You’re such a creep!” she told him, her hands running up and down her petite body as she did a striptease for him. “This isn’t fair!” He complimented her body as she got naked, making the situation more humiliating and degrading, and her cheeks turned red. Next, he’d have her give him a lap dance, and her body and butt would rub against his stiffening cock. “Why am I grinding on your dick right now?” she yelled, unable to stop herself. “You’re supposed to use yours powers for good, didn’t you know?” she complained. Nicky would then have his step – sister give him a blowjob, ride his cock, and then lie back so he could fuck her missionary style. “Oh my god, this is so weird!” she whined. “What am I doing?!” He had no problem reminding her that she was fucking her own step – brother , and that he thought it was insanely hot. To make things even spicier, he had her talk dirty as he thrusted in and out of her tight pussy. “You like fucking your step – sister ?” her tone was now seductive and sultry. “Did you like it when I was sucking your dick and slobbering all over it?” She was moaning and masturbating as he fucked her, telling him that she was about to cum. “Cum all over your step – sister ,” she purred, inviting him to ejaculate wherever he liked, and he sprayed his semen all over her tits and stomach. “This is the best invention since sliced bread…” he said out-of-breath. This includes: Dakota Burns, Nicky Rebel, step – brother uses a magic remote control on his step – sister , he can make her do anything he wants, he gives her silly commands to start off with, he makes her slap herself on the face, bark like a puppy, have a disposition, dance, striptease, she can’t control her body and demands that he stop making her do all this stuff, she is embarrassed, embarrassed naked female, ENF, made to strip, tit groping, lap dance, she grinds her butt and body on his cock, he compliments her body which only makes the situation more humiliating and degrading, he taunts her with the remote , blowjob, riding, cowgirl, missionary, step – sister fucks step – brother , step – brother fucks step – sister , dirty talk, she tells him to cum all over her, woman following orders, commands, siblings, family sex

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