Entrancement UK – Honour 15

Honour’s back once more for her 15th Mesmerism session! It’s always great working with someone who has a genuine fetish for mind control, powerlessness, mindlessness and embarrassment, as her reactions are always impressively powerful, in large part due to the fact that she’s placed in mindsets where she only has partial control of herself, able to give her (mesmerically modified) opinion on what’s happening as opposed to outright affecting it.

At one point her brain interprets “Random Outbursts” as “Slutty confessions”, so Honour starts spilling rather more details about her kinky secrets and fetishes than I think she intended to.

Frequent misbehavings as being mind controlled makes her really wet.

And she makes for a pretty cute pony too.

Hot, horny and hilarious moments abound as Honour falls helplessly under my spell once more!

0:30 Honour’s Back!
1:50 American Road Trip?
5:30 Is this a genuine kink for Honour?
8:05 How to please everybody!
8:25 Induction (Mindless / Hatted)
13:05 Trying to wake drops her deeper
15:45 Floppy Check & Deepening
17:03 “I love to obey… I love being your doll”
18:25 Trying to think melts her thoughts away
19:05 Sleepy Foot Focus
20:55 Mental ON and OFF Triggers
21:35 Amnesia: Doesn’t realise we’ve started
22:45 Mindless Thumb Sucking Trigger
26:00 Automatic Misbehaviour
27:20 Pendant Arousal Training
28:30 Mindress Mantra Repetition
29:22 Waking in a compromising position
31:00 Triggered to Tease
34:00 All need replaced with obedience
36:00 Dorky Outbursts
37:00 That it turns out are more like confessions!
41:00 Mindless Outbursts
43:00 Was any of that true…?
44:20 Compliments sound like insults
52:00 Poseable Pleasure Doll spills her desires
1:00:40 Bimbo Dirty Talk
1:02:00 Outfit Change, Blue Dress
1:04:20 Honour the runaway Pony
1:06:00 Owner looking for her Pony
1:08:00 Scared Pony makes friends
1:11:10 Inspection Flash Trigger
1:12:00 “I love being a doll” looping
1:12:30 Prim & Proper Honour can’t help obeying
1:13:00 Mindless Happy Posing
1:14:05 “Boop” nose touch giggle trigger
1:16:05 Prim & Proper Honour made into a bimbo
1:16:40 Proper Honour is stuck sounding like a bimbo
1:17:40 Annoyed that her bimbo body wants to strip!
1:18:20 “I’m Honour… and this is my favourite!”
1:20:00 Bimbo Mistress with a Foot Fetish
1:22:00 Frozen Flyaround
1:24:05 Face Play & Eye Checks
1:28:00 Nanobot Potion
1:30:00 Nanobots begin implanting thoughts…
1:31:00 Honour’s Movements becoming smoother…
1:32:00 Nanobots overwrite speech patterns
1:34:00 “I Must Obey” mantra
1:34:30 Honour’s Personality Suspended
1:36:00 Fembot Pleasure Mode
1:36:30 Honour re-emerges and battles for her body!
1:38:00 “I don’t require memories… I’ve always been a robot”
1:40:10 Fembot Ahegao Orgasm
1:41:00 “Outfit incompatible, removing!”
1:42:00 HonourBot Pose Mode
1:43:00 HonourBot Dance Mode
1:44:00 HonourBot Self Sales Pitch
1:45:00 HonourBot Clockwork / Catwalk Modes
1:46:00 HonourBot Glitch Mode
1:46:50 Personality resumes, and continues glitching
1:48:00 HonourBot Puppeteering Mode
1:49:00 Fembot Power Drain

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