Entrancement UK – Lexi Luna Entranced

Introducing Lexi Luna!

This was a fantastic training session with a WONDERFUL subject. Lexi’s probably the fittest (physically) lady I’ve ever worked with. Super toned and very athletic. It doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous to boot! She’s got a playful and bratty personality, and seeing that vanishing, returning, or transforming on command. (To a french maid called “Chloe” no less) was a treat.

Before the session, Lexi proclaimed that she was too big a brat to call anyone “Sir” just because he told her to. “Challenge Accepted!” I thought… not that it was much of a challenge. It turns out that only goes for her conscious self, as her mind controlled self was calling me “Sir” with no hesitation very very quickly!

00:14 Introduction
09:41 Consent
12:12 Induction
25:54 Deep trance
31:34 Bratty & not believeing
35:01 Wave!
37:31 Bound in place
38:51 Head drop
39:44 Words & memories bound
43:17 Posable
46:36 I want to be a toy
49:26 Showing off the breasts
53:45 Frozen and topless
56:02 Feeling bratty
57:31 Clothes are disgusting!
01:01:51 Oui monsieur – Chloe
01:05:13 Living Statue
01:09:03 Pornstar / Tutor / Shy Teacher
01:16:24 Orgasm Denial
01:36:47 Naked posing – 1.36.32
01:42:44 Struggling to free herself
01:45:43 Bungied to the sofa
01:46:57 Waking up (Ending session)
01:49:02 Closing Chat
01:52:20 Where to find Lexi Luna

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