Entrancement UK – Penny Entranced

Penny was a total pleasure to work with. Funny, creative, uninhibited, curvacious, and pretty submissive, which is frequently a good indicator that someone will find themselves dropping deep. She easily immersed herself in any roles I threw at her regardless of how expressive or odd or submissive or brainless they happened to be.

One of those great subjects who reacts with a mix of surprise, wonderment and annoyance when she finds herself freezing, posing, dancing, or suddenly naked on command.

Lots of nice altered mental states mixing around in this one! She believes herself to be a sexist guy (and I’m the girl of her dreams she’s trying to seduce) a breathy voiced bimbo, and there’s a couple of fantastic scenes where she argues with herself! In one of them she’s a devious guy in a girl’s body who’s stolen Penny’s body and trapped the real Penny in the mirror. “Derek” then proceeds to taunt “Mirror” Penny with his stolen goodies whilst she pleads and threatens him to get her body back. The other “inner conflict” suggestion has Bimbo Penny the nudist arguing that all buxom beautiful women should be naked… only for her more modest mindset to argue the opposite every time she finishes speaking.

Interesting moment from the “Derek and Penny” section: I’d given Penny the suggestion that on looking into the mirror, she’d be Penny looking out, speaking her mind, and on looking away from it, she’d be Derek, smugly in control. There’s a couple of moments where one or the other only accidentally looks at, or away from the mirror mid conversation. The moment they do, they immediately switch mindsets and whatever they were trying to say is cut short. Really awesome to see.

Certainly something to behold! She’s super sexy and the arguments that she has with herself are on a par with the best inner turmoil type scenes I’ve ever filmed.

Brilliant shoot. Gorgeous lady. Stonking boobs! Director’s Choice!


0:10 Introduction
3:45 Induction
9:30 Mannequin Trance
12:00 Blank in trance, eyes open, fixed on the flame
14:00 Memories going missing
16:30 Bell rings… and she’s simply a slave
21:00 Slavegirl presents herself submissively… then locks in place
21:20 Penny gets her brain back… but can’t move her body
24:20 Compelling Slavegirl Penny to Flash
24:40 Instructing Slavegirl Penny how to speak
25:20 Inspecting my bare breasted slavegirl
25:30 Only able to say “Yes Sir”
26:00 Can’t keep her hands from caressing herself
26:40 Mindless Mantra Repetition
28:00 Comes to her senses… with her breasts on show
29:30 Dropping deeper into powerlessness
31:25 Eye Check, nothing but whites

32:15 “Would You Kindly”
33:30 Demanding cake and coffee
34:30 Would you Kindly… invite me to sit with you
35:30 Would you Kindly… wiggle and flash your arse
36:30 Would you Kindly… communicate only through meows
36:55 Would you Kindly… move like a cat as well
38:10 Would you Kindly… feel like a maid and clean the room up
38:45 Would you Kindly… feel blank and mindless
39:05 Would you Kindly… become a living puppet
40:00 Would you Kindly… FREEZE
41:40 Would you Kindly… Pose Mindlessly
42:30 Would you Kindly… Flash!
43:00 Would you Kindly… Bend over and wiggle your butt seductively
43:50 Penny becomes a sexist dude and tries to date me
47:05 Love / Hate Switching with Lover-Boy Penny
52:00 Mind Control is Bullshit! (Self Rest Trigger)
54:30 Hates her “Top” dress (Empress’s New Dress)
56:40 Slow Freeze in Underwear
1:01:00 Removing Frozen Penny’s Underwear
1:02:50 Wakes holding underwear, doesn’t recall undressing
1:03:30 Needs to be Nude, eager to surrender her underwear
1:04:50 Slow Freeze whilst Nude
1:07:20 Nude Statue Interactions
1:09:00 Would you Kindly… Pose mindlessly whilst nude
1:10:20 Would you Kindly… Find nudity totally embarrassing
1:11:10 Embarrassed / Extraverted switching
1:11:45 Would you Kindly… Speak like a Breathy Bimbo
1:14:15 Prude vs Nudist (Penny argues with her own alter-ego)

1:16:40 Possessed by a “Derek” the Body-Thief Fan-Boy!
1:17:50 Derek’s discovery
1:20:45 Derek checks out “his”reflection
1:22:45 Derek decides Penny would look better nude
1:23:35 Derek gives Penny a bit of a spanking
1:26:40 Derek gets lovestruck by his own reflection
1:27:15 Penny gives Derek a piece of her mind
1:28:15 Derek threatens to commit a crime
1:29:00 Derek calls Penny fat
1:29:00 … and threatens to get a tattoo
1:30:30 … Penny decides to negotiate
1:32:30 … Derek offers a counter proposal
1:33:00 Penny gets her body back and talks about Derek

1:34:00 Dressing in the Nanobot Jumpsuit
1:36:00 The NanoBots begin making Penny move robotically
1:37:48 “ACCESS DENIED” unable to remove the suit
1:38:50 Emotional-Subroutine Override
1:40:30 Penny-Bot: Catwalk Mode
1:41:10 Penny-Bot: Pose Mode
1:42:00 Penny-Bot: Musical Statue Mode
1:43:40 Penny-Bot: Sex Machine Mode
1:45:00 Penny-Bot: Mistress Mode
1:47:00 Mistress Penny-Bot’s Brainwash-Boobs
1:49:00 Mistress Penny sends herself to rest.
1:49:50 Robo-Mistress Penny
1:50:20 Reprogramming her Speech Patterns
1:50:45 Penny-Bot: Dictaphone
1:52:30 Penny-Bot: Giggles, Wiggles, Dances and Poses on command
1:54:10 Penny-Bot: Damsel in Mode
1:55:10 Tickling the Damsel in
1:56:00 Penny-Bot: Seduction Mode
1:57:00 Penny-Bot: Sales Mode
1:58:00 Sales Bot Looping Glitch
2:00:00 Closing Trance & Chat

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