Entrancement UK – Rogue 2 Slavegirl & Fembot Training

Rogue returns for a second shoot and feels much more relaxed letting her hair down, fully disrobing and even at one point having a masturbation break (that’s totally a thing in the modelling industry, right?)

Ordinarily, Rogue’s quite a dry and laid back person, so it’s pretty amusing seeing her personality change to being more like a flirty bimbo, emotionless robot, playful pokemon (pika pika!) or becoming Silly as she drinks magic potions.


00:10 Introduction.
04:30 Induction (Too comfy to move).
13:30 It’s my brain and I’ll trance if I want to.
14:30 Mannequin / Ragdoll training trance.
20:20 Pendant Training (Clothed).
21:50 Flirty for the Pendant.
22:30 Baring Breasts for the Pendant.
22:30 Mantras for the Pendant.
29:20 No idea what her breasts are.
32:00 Happy Posing, Posing, Stuck Posing.
36:48 Catgirl Rogue (Boob top and panties).
43:30 Cats don’t wear clothes!
45:45 Cat-girl mood-swings.
46:40 Pendant Training (Nude).
49:30 Collaring Slavegirl Rogue.
52:12 Slavegirl Surrenders.
53:30 Frozen Moments.
55:30 In the lair of Medusa.
57:30 Her breasts must always be in motion!
1:00:00 Nude Slavegirl shows off her elegance (with 10 second timestops).
1:05:00 Tattoo Tour Guide.
1:10:45 Stuck as a pikachu.
1:11:45 Stuck *saying* Pikachu.
1:12:30 One-Track-Mind: Flirty harlot.
1:14:15 Masturbation Break (That’s normal, right!?)
1:16:30 Mindless Masturbation for the Pendant.
1:17:55 Sex Instructor teaches Masturbation (With timestops).
1:21:15 Right hand refuses to stop masturbating. Tell it off!
1:24:30 Magic Potions.
1:26:00 The LUST potion.
1:31:55 The SILLY potion.
1:38:19 The NANOBOT potion.
1:41:10 Testing Robo-Rogue’s SubRoutines
1:42:40 Roomba-Rogue
1:43:40 Catwalk Mode
1:44:45 Zombie Sleepwalk Mantra Mode
1:45:35 Puppeteering Mode
1:48:52 Robo-Mesmerist
1:52:00 Robo-Rogue Mesmerizes herself
1:53:15 This Dress is DISGUSTING!
1:54:15 Body Control whilst Rogue Resists
1:55:15 Attitude Adjustment
1:56:30 Closing Chat

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