Entrancement UK – Selene Jade Skypenotized

Selene Jade (luna_oceanmoon on Reddit, oceanselene on Twitter) is a sweet and bubbly Star Wars geek who’s been making a stir in the EH subreddits lately with posts of herself going blank and brainless on command, derping, stripping and toying with her titties like some kind of well trained sextoy.

I can’t claim all of the credit for the fine smut she’s been producing for everyone, but I can mayyybe claim some of it. She’s a lovely lady. Chatty, playful, submissive, eager… and is a big fan of degradation, humiliation and embarrassment, so please excuse the way I use some fairly harsh language in this one!

Great responses, lots of very nice melty expressions. She’s suuuuper willing to be toyed with, so persuading her to occupy mindsets where she at least tried to resist my deviant attempts at training her to be the perfect slut, took a little doing.

Awesome lady, looking forward to doing more with her. Hope you all enjoy!

00:20 Intro & Kink Discussion
10:15 Induction
15:20 Independently minded n unenthusiastic to obey
16:40 Doesn’t want to be a slave… but drops deep on command
18:30 My name is… Bimbo Bunny!
20:30 Realises what’s happening and tries to fight it
21:05 Eyes getting heavier as she feels herself growing hotter
22:05 Mental O Gag
23:10 Tongue flops out
23:20 Embarrassment Vanishes, Happy little H-Slut
23:50 Independent / Brainless Slut switching
25:50 Mindless Mantra Repetition
27:45 Brainless Doll Posing on Command
28:11 Brainless Breast Flashing
28:45 Comes back to her senses flashing
30:00 Brand New Boobies!
31:10 HEY these are private!
33:10 Oblivious Breast Flashing
37:30 Every blink makes her more brainless
39:15 Mindless massaging mantras
40:11 Mind sucking lens
41:40 Brainless Teasing
42:20 Hands controlled by her sex drive
43:30 Frustratedly Floppy
44:50 Sex therapists demonstrates her technique
47:10 Technique continues brainlessly
49:30 Submissive confessions
51:30 Fetching further accessories…
52:50 SexDoll / Person Switching
55:10 SexDoll / Bimbo / Virgin Sucking Styles
58:00 Cock goes in… and she’s a feminist
58:15 Cock goes out… and she’s a cockslut
58:30 And round and round we go
1:00:30 Putting her Toy to use
1:05:00 Arousal transformed to obedience
1:06:30 Adjustable Arousal
1:07:00 BRINK trigger
1:08:20 Orgasm on Command
1:09:45 Empress’s New Dress
1:11:45 Standing n Posing n showing off her “outfit”
1:13:15 Posed for Inspection
1:15:30 Infuriated Heroine
1:16:45 Mental Tickle Trigger
1:18:15 Puppeteering
1:20:50 ACTUALLY wearing her pink dress now
1:21:30 Jedi Mind Tricks
1:23:30 VR Captive Scene
1:25:30 Trying to remove the VR helmet makes her hotter
1:28:20 Believes Self Spanking is punishing villainy
1:30:10 Her Hand wants NO PART of this!
1:31:45 Progressively more sleepy
1:32:30 Star Wars Chat!
1:33:30 Can’t speak without jiggling her boobs
1:36:10 Blank Breast Baring
1:37:45 Single Minded SugarBaby
1:41:00 Blank Mantra Boob Play
1:43:30 Lights Out Self Rest Trigger
1:46:00 Mistress Mode & Social Media
1:47:00 Mistress’s Mesmer Tits… and social media
1:48:15 Closing Chat

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