Ffproductions – Maddy Moxley’s Fifth


Feeling creampie
Her name is Creampie Doll
Maddy says how much she missed being a doll
Shows her panties and I freeze her
Maddy touches herself and shows her ass
Maddy thinks we are having a normal talk but she doesn’t realize she’s touching herself
Shakes her ass
Downs on all fours
Eyerolling and pleasure
Maddy thinks she is getting fucked
Maddy tries to say her name but she can only say Creampie Doll
Getting excited
Mind blank
Feeling more pleasure
Shakes her ass
Maddy says submissive mantras
Touches her ass harder
Maddy is really horny
Bends over
More pleasure
Pose like a mannequin
Maddy gets excited
Becomes a sex doll
Maddy is getting fucked against the wall
Becomes a robot
Maddy thinks her hand is a vibrator and feels pleasure
Maddy will do anything for master
Getting excited but she is not allowed to finish
All her body is shaking

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