GirlsGoneHypnotized – Hypnotized Babysitter 6 – Paisley

Paisley is babysitting for a friend of the family. She has put the kid down for a nap when the dad arrives back home. She tells him everything went well, but his son gave her a pocket watch and told her that “daddy uses this on mommy”. Paisley is confused by this and asks the dad what this means. He’s more than happy to demonstrate what he does to his wife. He uses the pocket watch to hypnotize the babysitter and turns her into his slave. Paisley mindlessly obeys the commands he gives her. She goes from mindless and obedient, to very confused each time he wakes her up out of trance to show her what he is doing to her. It doesn’t matter though, because at the end of it all, Paisley’s mind will be erased and she’ll have no memory of what she was doing while she was hypnotized.

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