GirlsGoneHypnotized – Hypnotized Cave Woman – Jetta

Jetta’s boyfriend has bought a new cavegirl costume he would like her to wear while she does her chores, but naturally, she’s not to keen on this idea. He threatens to hypnotize her into doing it since she’s not being agreeable. After a few minutes of watch swinging, she goes into a trance and is commanded to put on the costume. She obeys and takes on the personality of a cave woman while carrying out all of her master’s commands.

She is made to wash the dishes, dust the apartment, and worship her master all while in a trance and speaking like a cave girl would. At one point she is brought out of her trance and realizes what’s happened. She’s slightly amused, but want to be “unhypnotized” with the swinging watch. Of course, her boyfriend uses the watch to only place her further into trance and obedience. What else will our hypnotized cave woman do now to please her master?


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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