GirlsGoneHypnotized – Hypnotized Hitchhiker – Chrissy

While hitching a ride to work, Chrissy is kidnapped and awakens to find herself strapped to a chair. Still groggy from her nap, Chrissy is shown a pocket watch by her captor. As the watch swings back and forth, Chrissy eyes become fixated on it, unable to look away. The kidnapper, being a skilled hypnotist, has no trouble putting the helpless girl into a hypnotic state, making her totally mindless and obedient. Soon Chrissy finds herself becoming stark naked at her master’s command, unable to resist his hypnotic influence over her. After she mindlessly obeys a series of commands, Chrissy receives a more permanent obedience training – one that converts her mind into a computer and installs programs that will dictate her behavior for the rest of her life.

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