GirlsGoneHypnotized – Making a Sex-bot 3 – Eryka

Eryka is a sweet girlfriend, but she is just a little dull in bed. This must be changed, so her boyfriend has prepared a special surprise for her – she is to be converted into a sex-bot. Of course, she would be resistant to the idea, so she isn’t given a choice in the matter. Eryka is put to sleep using a hypnotic light-device and awakens in front of the TV wearing a mind control helmet. The helmet blocks her thoughts while the patterns on the TV hypnotize and reprogram the dazed damsel. Eryka falls under the complete control of her boyfriend and is converted into an obedient robot. Her mind is now a computer and will only run programs, unable to think for herself. She is so deeply controlled that even her eyes have changed color. Sex-bot Eryka is stripped nude as she quietly awaits her master’s commands.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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