GirlsGoneHypnotized – Paris Hypnotized

Paris’s husband goes into the kitchen to find a sink full of filthy dishes, and no wife to clean them. A couple weeks prior, he had hypnotized her and planted a hypnotic trigger in her mind that when ever she hears a bell, she instantly goes back into trance. He decides to call his wife on the phone and hypnotize her into coming back home and cleaning the mess she has made.

It’s not long before a hypnotized Paris comes back home and obeys her master’s instructions. After she is finished cleaning, her husband decides to wake her up and let Paris in on the little secret. Of course, she doesn’t believe that she was actually ever hypnotized, so the only logical thing to do is prove it to her by hypnotizing her again. Now with Paris again mindless and under his command, her husband makes her obey a series of degrading instructions for his amusement. Even an unexpected visit from one of Paris’s friends can’t wake her from her hypnotic trance.


Girls Gone Hypnotized


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