Hypnolust – Carmen & Amanda (Clip Nine)

Attitude never pays off

Attitude never pays off, well, at least not in my house. The girls start to bitch and complain, the second I unfreeze them. Believe it or not, they are accusing me for having made them do all this crazy stuff. Of course Amanda, who still believes to be my wife, does not want Carmen (my girl friend) TO STAY FOR A THREESOME, which I think is her loss. Anyway, the bitching gets too much and the girls end up mindlessly frozen again. Much better. Time to move the around and then snap them out of it. Still unable to move, my two sweeties start to bitch again. OK, let’s try the orgasm treatment. No, they are not in the mood for that either. Who cares, right. Of course they are cuming, like it or not. I think we all know that they are enjoying it anyways.

Actually, I have to admit that they have to wait for a while to orgasm. I keep pulling the vibrator away when they seem close and put it between the other girls legs until the bitching goes away and they actually want me to make them cum. Amazing what lust can do to a horny girl. Finally the “waving hand” renders them mindless and quiet again. Now it is time for the girls to mindlessly masturbate each other’s pussies while repeating, I am your mindless slave master. Carmen is put to sleep right before she has a chance to orgasm which does not stop her mindlessly entranced little friend to make her climax in her sleep. Very hot ending.

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