Hypnolust – Heather Silk & Taylor (Clip XVIII)

Why did she go out on me?

Please, please no do not put us to… Why did she go out on me? Mainly because I programmed her. Of course that is not what I tell the girls. Both of my not so prissy models are now incredibly horny and all they have on their mind is to make love to each other. I do not know, maybe it got a bit too hot or it could have been my touch or even something I said, but all of a sudden Heather seems to pass out.

Limp and sleepy, she now rests in Taylor’s arms. Taylor, still horny, tries to wake her up by playing with her even harder. Poor thing does not know what hits her but just like Heather, she goes out like a light. Fun continues as I switch back and forth and even more fun to put them to sleep right at the point where they are soooo ready to orgasm. I think the highlight for our two horny yet sleepy lovers is when they finally end up in the 69 position. I wonder, will they be able to lick each other to orgasm before going out again?

Seems like the girls have figured out that I have something to do with their “sleepy behavior”. Still excessively horny both of them start to beg me not to put them out again and to let them fuck each other. Lots of hot action in this one as well. The girls seem absolutely crazy about each other’s pussies. Will it be enough though!?

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