Hypnolust – Rachel Rose (Clip Twelve)

The first date itch

Rachel, who still believes to be on a date with me, seems to have suddenly (after a brief nap that is) changed her mind about me. Believe it or not but now she really would love to date me and she sure tries hard to impress me. The problem with all this is though that she slowly but surely gets more and more tiered and sleepy which makes her feel really bad because, as I mentioned, she really wants to impress me. Poor thing goes down despite her best attempts to stay awake.

Things get even worse when she wakes up. Again she really wants to get to know me and make a good impression on her hot date but now she is plagued by this nasty itch all over her body and between her legs in particular. Needless to say, she tries to hide all this, after all, scratching your crotch while on a first date can be very embarrassing. Looks like we better send her to sleep (after enjoying her agony for a while) before messing with her limp little body. Of course things end well when she wakes up one more time and now she really wants to…

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