Hypnolust – Stephanie’s Clip X

You are wasting my time

It is interesting to watch how super model Stephanie’s behavior suddenly changes when she finds out that I am not the all mighty director at her very important photo shoot. As long as she thinks I am the person who decides whether she gets the high paying job or not, she is very nice and flirtatious. The second she finds out that I am just the lighting guy I am suddenly wasting her time and she now prefers to wait in her dressing room. Little does she know about the power of the crystal pendulum?

One glance and she is transformed again. This time into a mindless subservient slave who has only one objective and that is to please her master. Of course she has to go through rigorous obedience training, mind reduction, zombie walks and more to finally show and prove her complete surrender. This segment shows Stephanie gradually going from being a quite dominant woman to becoming a true submissive.

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  • I”m a big fan of Hypnolust & would so like to see more folow up sessions with Diana Knight as she truly is a most wonderful classy well spoken sexy type milf to grace Hypnolust, so yes do extra hypno fun with her. she’s “KAPOW” Ok. 🙋🏻‍♂️