Hypnolust – Vanessa Lee (Clip I)

Hand over control-the beginning of submission

Vanessa, perky curvy, sexy and very horny is another playmate of Megan and Nikki’s (the unforgettable duo).

A few weeks back we decided to drop in to see what the girls were up to and there she was, excited, nervous, very curious and ready for some hot fun. To describe her best would be to say that she is a delightful mix of bubbly perkiness combined with a girlish shyness that goes under your skin and makes you want to do all kinds of, lets say fun things, to and with her. Once her initial shyness was removed, Vanessa turned out to be a very sexual young woman who had some, let’s say, intense yet deeply hidden sexual fantasies. In other words, Vanessa is just the way I like them, a little shy, a bit skeptical, naturally submissive although hidden, quite curious, sexual and kinky all in one.

The first part of her training session went very well. I started her off with the helium balloons not only pulling up her arms but her entire body to the point where it is impossible to sit down. By the time I have her hand over and relinquish all control she is already in a state of bliss that just makes her want to succumb.

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