Hypnolust – Vanessa Lee (Clip V)

They are eating me up!

Vanessa is pretty clueless as to what has happened so far. Still waiting for her session to begin, she suddenly seems to be attacked by mosquitoes. She seems to be hearing and seeing them all over the room which is really strange because all I can hear is the sound of a vibrator and the only thing I see is a little red light on her body. Vanessa is starting to go nuts and keeps telling me that I have to do something about this.

All of a sudden it seems to be all over and the Mosquitoes seem gone. Oops here we go again. I keep playing with her for a while and just when the poor girl thinks it could not get any worse, the mosquitoes are back again, except now she is frozen and completely helpless. Vanessa is not only frozen but also frantic at the same time, only able to move her eyes and lips. Her perfect freeze, rolling tormented eyes and comments are absolutely worth watching this one.

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