Ludella Hahn – Mindless Upgrade – Magic Control with Nerdy to Dirty Bimbofication

Ludella Hahn – Mindless Upgrade – Nerdy Ludella Accidentally Reprograms Herself into a Dumb Horny Bimbo for Her Roommate – Magic Control with Nerdy to Dirty Bimbofication

Ludella is your frumpy, nerdy roommate who has been working on a new piece of technology that is meant to amplify intelligence by tapping into your brainwaves. She has no clue that you’ve reprogrammed it to do the opposite, so that when she tests it out, she’ll get dumber and hornier and be bimbofied and reprogrammed into your obedient plaything.

She thinks she’s going to make so much money off her device that she’ll be able to move out and buy her own house, but you have other plans. With your new reprogramming, she’ll be yours for as long as you want. She’ll think of nothing but fucking and pleasing you. She’ll have no aspirations beyond that.

She’s so excited about the prospect of making millions and opening her own lab as she activates the device. When it begins to reprogram her, her eyes go blank in a mindless stare. In a trance, she talks about how she’s getting dumber and hornier and will be a plaything for Master. She stands up and walks around the room with her hands in front of her like a zombie and continues to recite mantras of her obedience, then she kneels back down and snaps out of the trance.

Blinking, she removes the glasses with no recollection of what’s just transpired. She believes she’s just become more intelligent, but she can’t even remember how to say the word, “intelligent.” It must be a glitch, she thinks, brushing it off. But while reflecting on it she takes down her hair and rubs between her legs before realizing what she’s doing and recoils, mortified. “What is happening?”

It goes downhill from there as she snaps back and forth between her new bimbo personality and her former self, who can’t seem to control her actions, from stripping completely nude to playing with her big tits to doing a sexy dance as she prepares for Master’s arrival. “Who is MASTER?” demands, snapping out of her bimbo mode. “I should be Master! I designed this technology…” She exclaims while squeezing her tits and shaking her ass, unable to stop herself from such performative acts of obedience to this unseen “Master.”

She realizes she needs to hurry up and modify the glasses before it’s too late. She’s getting dumber and hornier by the second, drooling on her tits and talking incredibly dirty. But before she can tear her hands away from playing with her nipples, she snaps back into a mindless trance, receiving her latest orders from Master. She must be posed and ready for your arrival.

After putting the device back on, she crawls on all fours and assumes the position, eager to receive her Master. She will wait while the device makes her dumber and hornier, so that she can forever be Master’s toy. She hears the door opening and calls out to Master, begging for her deliciously curvy body to be taken. The sound of pants unzipping and Ludella’s moans echo in your ear as the credits roll. Mmmm… WelCUM home, Master…

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