Mcstashhouse – The Ballerina – Jessi Palmer

While cleaning out the garage, Steve’s buddy Mack makes and amazing discovery: a life-sized, wind up ballerina doll. Steve rushes over to confirm that the doll is in mint condition. He winds her up to make sure she is in perfect working order. She starts sucking his dick, and fucking him with her life-like hairy pussy. That’s just about perfect

Steve’s friend Mack makes a rare find in his mom’s garage: a life-sized, wind up ballerina doll. Knowing how much Steve likes these authentic toys, he calls his pal over. Steve winds her up and she dances a mechanized ballet until she winds down.

He winds her up again, and this time she starts rubbing his crotch, then sucking his dick, then fucking him! Steve’ll take mechanized sex over the mechanized ballet any day. Who needs the Bolshoi, when you’ve got this ballerina babe.

Fan favorite Jessi Palmer is primo as the prima ballerina.

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  • Baro Shoei 7 months ago

    Can you please upload the new mcstashhouse video “Bluetooth Toys”. I think it’s a very nice video. :))