Mind Under Master – Riley Star – Trance Therapy

Session 1: Riley Star wants to quit vaping and the good doctor is more than happy to help. Once he puts her into a trance it’s clear she has an oral fixation. She just needs something in her mouth, even her own fingers will satiate her need. Really the doctor’s fingers would be best to suck on but he needs to know she REALLY needs it and tells her to beg. She does. She begs and plays with herself until the doctor gives her permission to cum.

Session 2: Riley is dressed up nice and sexy for the doctor in her pigtails and short shorts. He has her get on her knees and whisper into a mic as she falls into another trance. The doctor barely needs to program her because she already eager to taste him again. She gets down on her knees and worships his cock, savoring every lick and suck until he fills her mouth with his cum.

Session 3: Riley no longer has a will of her own, she’s the doctor’s personal fucktoy. She’s meant to serve and pleasure him whenever her wants. He can use her body however he likes and she’ll always want more

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