Mind Under Master – Sarah Vandella & Lexi Lore – Trance Therapy

Sarah has been stressed about everything in her life lately, work, money, marriage and her 18 year old step daughter Lexi has been out of control. The doctor assures her he can help and before she knows it, image are flashing through her mind. He eyes become glassy as he guides her through these life issues. She feels out of control and wants to feel in control again. Her husband barely touches her anymore. “When was the last time you had sex?” the doctor asks, but she hesitates, but after a flash she confesses that it’s been three months. She needs to feel sexy again and she always felt sexiest when she was out dancing. “All those men throwing dollar bills at you?” he asks. “No not that kind of dancing…” she responds, but the doctor helps her remember that she was a stripper. She doesn’t remember but she knows it must be true. The doctor confesses that her husband came to see him and paid him a large sum of money to turn his daughter’s friend into his personal fucktoy. Sarah is livid even while in a trance, but the doctor calms her and tells her that he can help her get revenge. She wants that. When she wakes the doctor plays ignorant as she seduces him, begging to give him a lap dance, begging to feel sexy by blowing him. She’ll do anything to feel sexy, “Bring me your stepdaughter” the doctor tells her, but she hesitates. “should we stop?” he asks. “No! I’ll bring her tomorrow after school” she says and is rewarded with a mouth full of the doctor’s cum.

SESSION 2: Lexi looks bored and annoyed. She’s a brat. “You can’t talk to me like that” she says in a snotty tone but finds herself compiling after the trance begins. She’s a brat because she finds her stepmom attractive. The doctor tells her its totally normal to be attracted to such a beautiful woman and that Lexi could learn a lot from her stepmom. Lexi wants to learn and soon Sarah is there teasing her in sexy lingerie. The doctor let Sarah program her stepdaughter for him. She helps Lexi loosen her gag reflex so she can deep throat her new daddy. “New daddy?” Lexi asks confused. “The doctor is your new daddy” Sarah tells her. Soon Lexi is begging for her daddy to come out from behind the camera and play with her.

PROGRAMING COMPLETE: The doctor lays back on the floor as this mother daughter team worship him, Sarah whispering to him all the things she’ll do to make him happy while Lexi worships his cock with her mouth. Sarah teaches her stepdaughter how to pleasure her new daddy, even letting her earn his cum all on her own as she desperately strokes and sucks him to completion. Mother and daughter share daddy’s cum, already excited about their next session tomorrow.

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