Parasited – Just Friends – Hazel Moore, Lexi Lore, Little Dragon, Melody Marks

Little Dragon has allowed her three school friends Melody Marks, Lexi Lore, and Hazel Moore to use her house to throw a big party. They couldn’t be any happier that they finally get to forget about school and have some fun. They start setting up the place while Lexi goes to change into something a bit comfier. She takes off her clothes and dresses up in nothing but a white bathrobe. Suddenly, she gets surprised by an alien parasite squirting a liquid in her eyes, and crawling up in her pussy while she’s squirming on the floor. Moments later, Hazel comes by to check on her, only to be ambushed by now-infested Lexi. She transfers the parasite over to Hazel, and in no time their minds are blank, except for the primal desire to fuck each other. They head over to the bedroom and begin their lesbian mating ritual as Lexi dives into Hazel’s pussy and starts munching on it. Not long after they’re interrupted by Melody who went looking for them. However, Hazel acts as bait to get Melody close enough, so Lexi could ambush her. Sandwiched between two infected girls, Melody gets the parasite transferred over to her, and they become a trio of sex-craving fiends. It wouldn’t be a party without the host, right? Little Dragon, the owner of the house, gets back in time to find her bed covered in weird alien slime where the three girls fucked each other’s brains out. She gets caught off guard by all three of them, and they manage to overpower her, transfer the parasite, and make it a nasty foursome. Looks like the real party can finally begin!

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