Primal Fetish – Lily Rader – Under the Tutor’s Influence (part 1)

Rion has been trying to explain the homework to Lily all afternoon, but she’s too enamored with her phone, caught up in some stupid argument with her boyfriend, Roger. She clearly doesn’t appreciate all the effort Rion’s been trying to put in tutoring an ungrateful, self-absorbed bitch. But some soothing herbal tea always calms things down. As Lily sips the refreshing brew, she begins to relax and open up about her relationship with Roger. He doesn’t satisfy her at all. She starts to second guess telling Rion about all this, but he assures her everything’s alright. Nothing can be wrong while you have a nice cup of herbal tea. As Lily gets more and more comfortable with Rion, her inhibitions start to break down. Her desperate need for sexual satisfaction overcomes her until Lily just NEEDS Rion’s touch.

After the tea begins to take effect she strips off to show her young body, she is so horny from the tea that she has to masturbate in a chair with her legs spread for a full show. Our tutor helps her out with some cunnilingus and finally she give her tutor a full kneeing blow job where he cums in her mouth.

At times the tea begins to wear off and she starts to come to her senses, the tutor makes sure to encourage her to finish her tea to keep in in the mood and open to his suggestions

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