PrimalFetish – Khloe Kapri – The Grocery Bagging Girl

Khloe works as a bagger at a local gorcery store. She offered to help a customer bring his bags out to his car but for some reason she agreed to come home with him to help bring the groceries in. She isn’t sure why she thought it was reasonable at the time but she is having secnd thoughts. When the customer flashes cash and asks her to put the goceries away and clean out his pantry she tells him she really has to go. The man politely freshens his breath with some spray before explaining that it makes sense to work at his place since he will give her more money. Suddenly it DOES make more sense to stay and work for him than to go back to her job

When Khloe is about to start cleaning the pantry the man stops her and explains that she should take off her clothes so they don’t get dirty. Khloe gets very uncomfortable and decides she should leave but, the man freshens his breath and explains that it doesn’t make sense to wear clothes that are just going to get dirty. Now Khloe realizes she was being sillly, of course she should take her clothes off.


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