TAWorship – Secretary Jessie Mind Controls Boss To Foot Worship

Jessie is a great secretary however her boss Paisley does not appreciate her. Jessie has brought a bottle of water and Paisley immediately complains that its the wrong one. Paisley is never satisfied and talks down to Jessie all the time. Jessie has had enough and decides to get her revenge. Jessie has a secret weapon unknown to Paisley. Jessie pulls out her secret weapon which is a mind control remote. Jessie tells her boss what she has and Paisley is quick to dismiss it. Jessie then hits the mind control button and Paisley can no longer control her own self. Jessie tells Paisley she is sick of the way she treats her and she will make the demands from now on. Jessie starts by telling paisley to get on the floor and worship her feet. Paisley cannot resist Jessie’s commands her mind and body are under Jessie’s control. Paisley then proceeds to worship her Secretary Jessie perfect soles and toes.

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