The Velvet Dungeon – Kyra Gets Collared

Kyra Rose is back again. Her training sessions have been working, she is calling me “Master” as soon as she arrives and she is eager to be put back into trance.

She goes under easily, and I introduce her to her slave collar. While wearing it, her mind will be completely focused on submission and sexual pleasure.

Wearing the collar she is an eager slave. I make her crawl and say submissive things to me. She has been mesmerized to be sexually sensitive and it shows when I start rubbing her pussy.

She is squirming with pleasure when I instruct her to put on a show for her Master. Under my command she gives herself a powerful, satisfying orgasm.

Next it is her Master’s turn. I give her a craving to use her mouth to please her Master. She starts by sucking on my fingers, but in no time she is giving me an amazing blow job. She sucks and deep throats her Master, eagerly taking all his cum into her mouth.

I finish this amazing session by having her remove her collar. She forgets everything that happened and again knows only that she feels relaxed, content, and satisfied and craves more sexy trances.

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