Torvea Films – Sorority Rites The Initiation – Anabelle Pync

Anabelle Pync is a stuck up trust fund college brat who looks down on everyone. She is sent to a desolate warehouse for a fictitious rave by sorority sisters who are going to teach her where she belongs in the food chain.

When she arrives in her red wedges and black PVC dress, she fits in for a party, but she cannot find it. No one answers her and she is rudely surprised by someone who makes her go to rest.

As she awakens she is tied to a table and runs a gamut of emotions as she processes what is happening to her. At first she is arrogant but becomes afraid as she realizes the implications of her situation. The captor puts a gas mask and headphones on her so that the programming can commence.

The lights flash and buzz as Anabelle absorbs all of the messages that go deep into her subconscious mind. The once arrogant diva becomes a whore who hangs out in the alleys craving cum!

Anabelle Pync has gotten herself into some serious trouble but she really deserves it for being such a bitch. If only she had been nicer to people, she would not have been transformed into a cum hungry whore.

At first she seems like a normal girl, but her training never leaves her. As she walks down an alley she appears serious and even nervous that someone is following her. Her instincts were right because a man steps out and points a remote at her.

This is not what she had in mind for her evening and she begs him to stop. Despite her will, she begins playing with herself and propositioning anyone who comes by. She craves their cum and her hands bring her to climax as multiple men cum on her. (Implied)

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