Cali Sparks - Cali's Full Training Session

Cali Sparks – Cali’s Full Training Session

PART ONE: Initial Conditioning

Cali heard from some friends about hypnosis for specialized study techniques. She is having trouble with her grades and we show her a special technique to “train her mind” to absorb information.

PART TWO: Mindless Masturbation

We put Cali under and compel her to masturbate mindlessly to orgasms while reciting her mantra. We then bring her out, and she tries to hold a conversation while her interviewer uses the wand on her, testing her ability to interact while feeling stress.

PART THREE: Oral Training

We continue to work with Cali to assist in her education, including oral training in various states.

PART FOUR: Mindless Orgasms and Sex Slave

The session continues, and Cali still has her sweet, innocent outlook. We instill command words, and she gets a good, hard fucking in various states

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