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Entrancement UK – Jess & Lola Entranced (Part1)

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Entrancement UK - Jess & Lola Entranced (Part1) This was a really sexy fun shoot. We incorporated a bunch of ideas from the Questionnaire that we produced, (visit the entrancement website to fill it out f...

Entrancement UK – Honour & Sam

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Entrancement UK - Honour & Sam Honour returns for her eighth mind control shoot and this time she brings male buddy Sam Bourne along with her! Honour, (trained to perfection by this point) goes under r...

Entrancement UK – Krystal

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Entrancement UK - Krystal Krystal was an absolutely lovely girl who showed up a little nervous and unsure as to whether she’d be getting genuinely hypnotized or not. Turns out we had nothing to worry about as...

Entrancement UK – Crystal Sparx (Complete)

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Entrancement UK - Crystal Sparx (Complete) I was a little worried up front that the fact Crystal is already a fully trained hypno slave would mean she wouldn’t have much by way of reactions to hypnotic phenomen...

Entrancement UK – Kacie James Full

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Entrancement UK - Kacie James Full This shoot earns a DC (Director's Choice) rating from myself. Whilst not perfect, these shoots are my favorites, sexier suggestions, deeper forms of mesmerism, and t...

Entrancement UK – Crystal Sparx Entranced (Part 6)

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Entrancement UK - Crystal Sparx Entranced (Part 6) Crystal is a lifestyle submissive and the slavegirl of my friend Rich who's a H-Therapist. As such she is very well trained and accomplished at going...

Entrancement uk – Honour Fembot

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Entrancement uk - Honour Fembot

Entrancement uk – Carla & Shelby – Part 2

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Part two of the Carla and Shelby shoot. Lots of nudity here, (though we do have them dress in lingerie at the end of the shoot for their "TV Enchantress" section) also some fun suggestions where I have...

Entrancement UK – Natalia Forrest Slave Training (5)

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...and this time she’s more sultry, submissive and sensual than ever! Let’s see… what were some highlights… She really took to the suggestion that she *needed* to be hypnotized, cheerfully insist...

Entrancement UK – Honour’s Hypnoslut Training 7 – Honour May

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The COMPLETE edition of my 7th Entrancement shoot with Cheshire Belle Honour May. This shoot gets my DIRECTOR'S CHOICE rating, which means it features the deepest trances and steamiest scenes! Th... – Amber Monroe

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Contents Intro + Chat Induction Mind Drawn into the candle Post-trance chat Blankly focused on the candle again Unaware of removing top whilst blank Removes bra whilst blank Awake, unaw...

Entrancement UK – Sarah-Jane Hypnotized

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Sarah Jane was a really sweet girl to work with. Really good natured and chatty, and she responded really well to most of the suggestions she was given. (A little *too* well in a couple of cases, at on...

Hypnodolls – The Hidden Hypnotist

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Kloe returns home from a hard day’s work chatting to her friend on the phone. To her surprise, the friend tells Kloe that she was the star of last night’s hypnosis show. Kloe doesn’t recall a thing abo...

Entrancement UK – Hypnodolls – Medusa Disc – Kloe

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Kloe since being programmed in our previous video (The Hidden ) no longer wears clothes whilst at home. Here she enters her kitchen to find a strange disc in there. Unable to resist, she climbs onto...

Entrancement UK – Leo Entranced

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Leo wants to be my pet… who am I to refuse her? Leo’s a chatty, vivacious and rather exotic 21 year old who on camera is mostly respectable. (Well… if not “respectable” than at least “clothed”… well...

Entrancement uk – Carla & Shelby – Part 1

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A pretty good shoot with two foxy ladies. Shelby was very quick to slip under, and responded fantastically to the majority of suggestions that we gave her, Carla got the giggles from time to time, thou...

Entrancement UK – Louise Skye

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This was a fantastic and hilarious shoot. Louise Skye was a great subject, fantastic girl, very chatty and lively and a pleasure to work with. She responded so well to some of the suggestions that I...

Entrancement UK – Sophia, Ariel & Natalia Entranced

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My hilariously raucous Director’s Choice shoot with Ariel Anderssen, Sophia Smith and Natalia Forrest. We’d all worked together several times in the past, which made for some really good chemistry. (At...

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