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EroticTransformations – H Project 4 – The Girl from W.U.A.H.S. feat. Nikki Rhodes

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As "H" Project 4: The Girl from W.U.A.H.S. opens, the CEO of Steele Enterprises, discovers that his executive secretary, Nikki, is actually a spy working for the Women United Against Hipnoh Slavery, ...

erotictransformation – Mind Control Marriage Counsellor – Steve Steele and India Summer

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That's Steve appearing as both Dr. Mesmer, and as Steve, the henpecked husband of a terminally lazy wife, played by the delectable India Summer Through the wonders of mind control India is transfo...

Stripnotized 4 – Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon

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Starring Mary Jane Green and Nina Neon Nosy investigative reporter Nina Neon is trying to bust a nefarious creep who has been entrancing hotties and selling them into slavery. Sulty tart Mary Jan...

erotikcontax – Temporary’s Memory Loss – Anina Silk and Steve Steele

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Steve's cute, new temp is really a corporate spy, working for his arch-rival Jenkins. When he busts her going through his secret files, he is forced to subject her to his memory eraser in his "eras...

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