MCStashHouse – Stevie Got A Cleaning Sexbot – Alyssa Reece

Steve’s cleaning lady accidentally activates one of his mind erasing programs while dusting his keyboard. Fortunately, enough of her mind remains to clean and fuck. And even more fortunately, her ass is available for fucking. Alyssa Reece’s first MC boy girl scene.

Steve is an absent minded professor, so focused on his work that he doesn’t even have time to clean his apartment. He hires Alyssa for the daunting task of keeping house for him. He warns her not to touch any of his computers, but they are so dirty, that she can’t resist dusting them. That’s how she accidentally activates one of his mind erasing programs. Steve discovers her whited out, with her brain gone, standing vacantly, staring at the screen.

At least it saves him money on a clinical trail, and hiring a guinea pig. She’s still able to follow simple commands, so he dresses her as a French maid and puts her back to work cleaning his place. Oh yeah, he does some cleaning too. Cleaning her mouth, pussy and ass out with his special scrubber, aka his DICK! Cleanliness is next to goodliness after all.

Alyssa Reece returns in her first ever boy girl MC sex scene. Boy girl with anal that is!

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