CzechHypno – Simona – Breastfeeding Mother Simona

My name is Stovik and I have a doctorate in hypnotherapy. I was approached by a young mother, Simona, who was losing her fight against cigarette addiction. Because she is just after giving birth, she was worried about her baby’s health and wants to quit smoking for good. I safely took her into a hypnotic trance and started addiction therapy. I milked her breast, fingered her wet pussy and fucked her hard with my dick. Even when she was riding a wave of fantastic orgasm, I fill her mouth with my cum. Hot sperm in the mouth is the key to eliminating nicotine addiction. Damn, I’m going to patent this revolutionary technique tomorrow.

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  • Hello. First I would like to say that this website is the BEST website I’ve ever seen on porn related hypnosis in years. The way you guys collect and purchase all these different variety of videos, and publish them on your websites with NO CHARGE is something I deeply appreciate, because I know that I can’t frequently spend money on these things. So a big shout out to you guys and many thanks for what you do.

    I saw that you guys take requests for videos and sometimes publish them, so I was wondering if you could see about publishing this one?

    Also, if you can’t for whatever reason, could you inform me what are the requirements or things that you look for in a video to publish it, to know for the future?

    Many thanks.

    • Fetishman 1 month ago

      First of all thanks for your kind words, That’s very kind of you, I’m glad that you liked the content of this website. Regarding to your request i should say that you’re very lucky because “Lola’s Slave Training” has already been scheduled, therefor you will see it soon.