Entrancement UK – Kat Entranced

Bit of a tricky session this one! Kat had had a hectic night before the shoot, so on arrival was already pretty sleepy. She was a nice girl and at times we get pretty good depth, (during the induction, she visualised herself walking in the clouds and she didn’t seem to be aware of *anything* happening to her in reality – Eye check and Rag doll checks at the time.) Maintaining it was a bit of a job though. Both in trance and on waking her reactions to the effects of were quite ponderous and bemused, like she’s not quite sure what’s happening. Not that that in itself is ever a problem.

Being tired meant that there were a few suggestions in this shoot that just didn’t work. (She could forget her name, but she couldn’t forget the number 4. She could find herself switching easily between the flirty desire to strip and stroke… and realising with shock that her clothes had somehow come off… but at times wouldn’t (or couldn’t) understand that the word “Freeze” means stop moving! :P, as such, I’ve only tended to list the stuff in the contents that *did* work well.

Still, when things do work well (as at times they do) she’s a gorgeous spacey asian fox!

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  • Hey can you post 2-3 Ggh videos every cycle because it’s what the majority seems to like

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      i am not sure majority of visitors looking for ggh videos but we’ll consider it maybe we upload more ggh content

  • Do you mind if you can post Entrancement UK’s Simone’s Robo Training?