Entrancement UK – Lola’s Slave Training

Lola Rae, at 19 is one of the youngest gals I’ve worked with, though she’s far from being naive about the world of fetish modelling. She’s bright, smart and chatty, holds back a little at first whilst she gets to grips with what it is I’m looking for from a mind control subject, but quickly ends up reacting very strongly to suggestions like love and hate, and to the compulsion to be my catgirl, puppy and slavegirl.

She’s very uninhibited and ordinarily extremely strong-willed, which meant that once she’d decided to allow her mind to surrender, she very easily and quickly reached the point where she was happily experiencing every emotion, desire, and compulsion that I wanted to place in her mind. Master says clothes are gross? I hate wearing them! Master wants me to be collared? I LOVE collars, they’re all I want to wear. Master wishes to inspect his slavegirl? I love being inspected by him.

Needless to say, having such an agreeable plaything at my disposal made it a little hard to stay focused, so at times I gave her an independent attitude just so I could enjoy seeing how helpless she was to keep from following my every instruction. I have her yo-yoing between eager servitude and annoyed resistant mindsets quite a lot later on, especially during the body control segment. (So if you like happy slavegirls, blank minded surrender or resistance whilst begrudgingly obeying, we should have you covered.)

Her strong-willed nature meant that at the end of our session, as soon as she knew we were wrapping up, she was easily able to just “decide” to no longer be under my power any more. Alas! Still… I’m pretty sure she had a great time, so fingers crossed we see more of her in future!

Chat about jobs, porn and nipple piercings.
Rag Doll Check
Memory Problems…
Ragdoll & Mannequin Triggers
Hands Bound
Adjustable Ticklish Levels (From Screaming to No Response)
Love / Hate Relationship
Human Kitty
Human Puppy
Puppy Training Tricks
“I don’t believe in wearing clothes!” (strips to underwear)
Her only desire is to be a slavegirl
Pendant Fixation
“Blank, Brainless, Obedient.” Mantra
Wants to call me Master
Automatically sucks on anything placed near her lips.
Thinks fucking involves thumbs and mouths…
Can’t stop herself sucking
Self Thumb Sucker
Thinks her underwear is gross
Would be much happier collared
Needs to be trained
Learning the submission poses
Inspecting my frozen slavegirl
Slavegirl SexDoll
SexDoll Masturbation
Kneeling Masturbation
Controlling her Pussy’s Pleasure
Empty Headed Masturbating Toy
Mindless Pendant Masturbation Mantra
Human Footstool
Naked Panting Puppy Slave
Unable to speak except in clucks
Body Control: Puppeteering (aware)
“YES I mind!” (aint too happy about being a puppet)
Attitude Adjustment: Eager puppet (much better!)
Groping herself. (aaaand unhappy again. :P)
Triggered to Pose
Interpretive H-Dance
Closing Chat

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