Entrancement UK – Kelsey Entranced

Kelsey’s utterly fantastic! When she arrived she was just so cool and confident and sure of herself, that I wasn’t sure that anyone would manage to persuade her to surrender to them. She also mentioned that she’s not at all submissive, so it was with some trepidation that I began my induction.

Turns out Kelsey’s a brilliant subject. Credit where it’s due, it’s more down to her imagination and creativity than it is to my skill as a mind controller but I’m not going to complain. She describes herself as a “Feral Forest Nymph” so is definitely no stranger to dabbling in whimsy and has a great imagination. A blindfold suggestion had her feeling like her eyes had been taped shut, and whilst she might not be submissive under normal circumstances, having her *imagine* being submissive led to her dropping all cynicism, growing wide eyed and submissive, and eagerly holding her hair up so she could be collared and controlled. Yes! 😀

Speaking of forest nymphs, that’s one of the suggestions I gave Kelsey. (Thanks Heart in my discord for giving me that idea.) I had Kelsey believing that she was “Queen of the Fey”, that she’d never been indoors before, and that she had no idea what clothes are and her attitude and demeanour totally changed. She started pawing at the carpet asking what on earth it was, demanding to know why I didn’t have anything *green* in the area and deriding the “ridiculous drivel” wrapping the beauty of her nakedness.

So many highlights! We had a boat load of pet play (Chicken and Kitten), a couple of fantastic eye rolls, especially when Kelsey intoxicates herself with the magic gloves, she’s usually full of personality, so watching her tune out and derp is highly enjoyable, as is switching her from her usual super casual and confident nudist self to a shy and embarrassed girl who doesn’t know where all her clothes went and feels that NO-ONE SHOULD BE LOOKING AT HER!!

As I said up top. She’s totally fantastic, a brilliant subject, utterly beautiful, and I highly *highly* recommend this session!


00:20 Intro
10:22 False Start Induction (Feline Invasion)
11:15 Actual Induction
17:30 Ragdoll Check
19:05 Mannequin Check
21:11 Sleep Trigger Test (Great eye flicker!)
22:00 Eyes Stuck Shut
26:15 Hands Stuck and tickled
27:30 Ticklishness Switched Off
29:45 Can’t say her own name
30:55 My name’s chicken. No, it’s Chicken! I mean Chicken!
31:20 Can’t stop clucking… no matter how she tries to stop.
32:45 Chicken body and mind
35:30 Kitten Time
38:40 Can I have some milk? I really want some milk!
42:00 You’re not normally submissive… let’s change that for a bit!
43:30 Slavegirl Kelsey is happy to obey
46:00 Sleepy Flyaround, Eyes open, mind blank
48:55 Stereotypical Guy “Derek the Builder”
54:00 Derek discovers who’s body he’s in
57:40 “Eve” the forest muse… has never been indoors or clothed!
1:02:14 Queen of the Fey feels more at home.
1:04:00 Queen of the Fey strips herself nude
1:05:00 Basil the forest companion
1:06:35 Queen of the Fey tells us about her life in the forest
1:08:55 Freeze into position
1:15:25 Pendant Training
1:16:45 Triggered to Pose
1:19:20 Name Amnesia
1:22:30 My Body is PRIVATE!! / Nudist switching
1:25:35 Stuck whilst nekkid strutting and shy again
1:26:50 Spacey Swaying Sleepwalker
1:27:30 Puppeteering
1:29:22 Expression Control
1:31:00 Derpy Puppet Walk
1:32:15 Empress’s New Dress
1:34:20 Magicians Assistant Discovers Magic is REAL!
1:35:30 Introductions are in order
1:36:30 Magic Pendant… can’t be resisted (mindless mantras)
1:40:00 Posing and frozen on command
1:42:04 Magic Gloves… with the power of MIME!
1:46:00 Knockout Glove (with a nice eye roll)
1:49:20 “Dazed” Trigger
1:51:50 Brat wants a pony!!
1:52:45 Zombie / Clockwork Doll Walking
1:54:25 Chicken then Kitten
1:56:00 Bratty Kelsey Doesn’t WANT a babysitter!
2:02:00 Mistress makes you her minions (whist inadvertently triggering herself to strip)
2:05:30 Mistress triggers herself to pose (without realising)
2:06:00 Mistress demands she be freed!
2:06:00 Tickled! Dazed! Spanked! Captive! Tickled some more!!
2:08:00 Closing Induction
2:09:00 Closing Chat

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