Entrancement UK – Lauren Entranced

Beautiful Lauren arrives for her first session of genuine mesmerism!

20:30 I want to sleep! / Don’t make me sleep!
23:00 Sleeping and limp, then made rigid
26:00 Mentally Binding her in place
27:45 Forced to Smile!
28:45 Disgusted by her Shirt
30:30 Wants me to undress her (SWITCH!) Thinks I’m riff-raff!
32:00 Admire my amazing Butt! (SWITCH!) Don’t look at my goodies!
35:00 Binding her memories
36:00 Binding her resistance and will…
37:30 Disgusted by her Leggings
39:00 Posed and Mindless
41:10 Stripping my Living Doll
44:00 Happy to hand over her panties and pose (SWITCH!) Wait, Embarrassed!
49:30 Entranced Mantras
51:30 Emporer’s New Clothes (Thinks she’s clothed when she’s definitely not.)
52:30 Snaps trigger thoughtless poses and normal mindsets
55:30 Frozen Foot Inspection
58:00 Extrovert Lauren has Prudish Hands!
1:00:00 Pose Training the Minion
1:02:00 Mental Off Switch
1:05:30 Cat Girl Transformation (Miaows, mannerisms)
1:09:30 Cat Girl Chasing the Sock Puppet
1:14:00 Slavegirl DEMANDS she be given commands
1:16:30 Failing to fight the pull of the pendant
1:16:45 “My Mind is Going”
1:21:30 Guys! Win a chance to test-drive my body! (guy in a girl’s body)
1:25:00 “Steve” appreciate’s Lauren’s Nyloned legs
1:26:00 “Steve’s” best attempt to pose like Lauren
1:29:30 Lauren gets her body back
1:30:30 Slow Freeze Progressive Freezing
1:33:00 Blank Nude Sleeping and Limp
1:34:00 Slave Lauren wants to tidy up for Master
1:35:00 Directing the Decoration
1:37:30 SexDoll Pose On Command
1:40:30 Leotard and Fishnets
1:42:00 Puppeteer Posing
1:48;30 Closing Chat

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