[0:00:30] Programmed to slowfreeze on the turntable
[0:01:20] Steps on… and realises her mistake
[0:02:40] Rotating & posing my new plaything
[0:04:08] Raven smiles like a barbie doll for us
[0:05:00] Raven poses like a playful pinup
[0:05:40] Brook won’t pose
[0:06:15] Trying to make Raven pose whilst Brook’s aware…
[0:06:35] Brook can snap her fingers too.
[0:07:40] Rotating Slave Positioned Raven
[0:08:30] Stripping to stockings & garterbelt
[0:09:00] Sultry slutty poses
[0:09:55] Brook (in a compromising position) gets spun
[0:11:15] Brook won’t blank out…
[0:11:50] More Slow Freezing with Brook
[0:14:30] Totally frozen, I take her for a spin
[0:15:00] Life sized puppeteering
[0:17:50] Spinning in slave positions (Still sucks obediently too!)
[0:19:00] New Outfit: Pink Bodystocking
[0:19:20] Increasing Raven’s Bimbo Behaviour
[0:21:00] Raven happily models her bodystocking and enthuses about pink!
[0:22:10] Brook’s less keen to show it off
[0:22:55] Raven the camgirl sexing up the sofa
[0:30:44] Magic Potions
[0:33:25] Lust / Nymphomania Potion
[0:34:00] Brook and Raven try to seduce me.
[0:38:00] Sleeping Potion
[0:39:30] Sleeping eye checks
[0:40:00] Brook’s had *enough* to drink!
[0:40:30] Raven’s happy to drink
[0:40:44] Brook refuses to swallow…
[0:40:55] Raven swallows
[0:41:40] Raven wants more booze
[0:42:00] You’ve had enough Brook. Stop! (“No! It’s niiice!”)
[0:42:30] Brook can’t see straight
[0:43:10] Brook can’t speak straight
[0:45:30] More Nymphomania Potion. Someone’s FRUSTRATED!
[0:46:00] Playing with and arousing herself
[0:48:00] Stripping out of her bodystocking and teasing
[0:50:00] Still sucking on command I see!
[0:50:20] Posed like a human sex dolly
[0:54:20] Brook tries to cover her ears
[0:54:40] Raven controls her arm… Brook controls the rest
[0:57:45] Brook finds herself feeling hypnotic
[1:00:30] Raven finds her arousal increasing…
[1:03:12] PUPPY INVASION (see out-take) Ruined Orgasm perhaps? 😛
[1:04:15] I can still make Brook do slave positions. Bwahaha.
[1:06:00] Closing wakeup induction
[1:07:54] Closing chat
[1:12:00] End
[1:12:05] Puppy invasion outtake
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